Salt Cave

Soľná jaskyňa

Specific microclimate salt caves helps in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract (inflammation of the throat, sinuses, chronic rhinitis), decreased activity of the thyroid, diseases of the digestive system, dermatological diseases (skin allergies, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis), neurosis, stress and fatigue. allergies, asthma.

The pleasant atmosphere of the cave completes the relaxing music and light effects. One stay lasts 40 minutes.


Reservation for groups is also possible outside opening hours by mutual agreement.


Price list

Single entry

  • Single admission 7.00 eur / 40 min.
  • Favored single entry -students, disabled, senior citizens 6.00 eur / 40 min.
  • Single entry children 0-11 years 5.00 eur / 40 min

Season ticket for 5/10 of entries

  • Adults 32.00 eur/ 62.00 eur
  • Children 0-11 years 22.00 eur/ 42.00 eur

Renting the whole cave - 17+2 beds

  • 109.00 eur/ 40 min.


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