Postal address

Kúpele Nimnica a.s., 020 71 Nimnica, Slovak republic


Reception, switchboard operator
tel. +421/42/4608 111

Find & stays

Tel.: +421/42/4608 608


IMPRESIA restaurant (bathhouse Balnea Grand): tel.: 042/4608 745

Cafeteria Paris (bathhouse Salvator): tel.: 042/4608 603

Café Balnea & Kiosk (bathhouse Balnea Grand): tel.: 042/4608 770

The catering facilities - operation: tel.042/4608 749, mob.0948605767


Reserved? We will call you back

In the event that you have to wait longer to communicate with operators or operators are not able to take your call, order a callback, or we aso advisable to use mail communication .

How to reach us

The easiest way is by train to Púchov, where stand almost all fast trains and IC trains. From Puchov train station continue with Puchov suburban bus service or taxi.

If you come with car, turn from the highway D1 (Bratislava - Žilina) on Puchov from it and continue 4 km towards Bystrica.

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Kúpele Nimnica a.s.

020 71 Nimnica

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