Mineral Pearl of Slovakia
The youngest Slovak Medical Spa

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An unexpected source of clear, slightly salty and sparkling mineral water was found in 1953 while building a wall of a dam lake near Nosice (Noh-sit-sey). The naturally effervescent water was found in several boreholes. During hydrogeological research this carbonic water was found to contain many important trace elements including Potassium, Magnesium, Chlorine , Iodine ,Sodium, Calcium and Iron . The discovery created a wave of interest within the public. In some cases drinking of this naturally enriched water caused improvement in the health of employees working there. This was quickly noticed and people started to talk of the healing effects of the local water. Under the pressure from the public the water was tested and proven to show a positive medical influence on human health. The decision was made to use the water for bathing and drinking purposes. Originally, the main focus was on ailments of the respiratory and digestive systems. Nowadays, the list of procedures is greatly enhanced and includes different areas of health issues. The spa also cares for clients with stress-related ailments, post-operative and post-illness recuperation, as well as mobility conditions. This all takes place in the purpose-built Spa Centre under the supervision of fully qualified doctors.

Medical stays

21 days centred on prevention and after-care.


Senior stays

Vent your heart from stress, joints from charge.


Relax stay

Take one week for yourself full of relax.


Weekend stays

End of working week full of relax.


Reconditioning stay

Prevention and aftercare of civilization illnesses.